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ESP LTD Truckster
2 6%
32 91%
1 3%
Voters: 35.
I wanted your guys opinion on which would be better. The truckster i like because of its uniqueness but the ec-1000 is more pretty lol. Also the truckster has locking tuners, but the ec-1000 has an earvana nut.. So tell me if there are more differences i should know about or if there's another guitar that would be better for metal.



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The EC-1000 will let you choose your finish and stylings, unlike the Truckster which is a sig model. For some reason, if I play a sig model I feel like I'm playing someone else's guitar.
EC-1000 fo' sho'.

I never liked the idea of getting a signature guitar.Why pay so much for someone else's name on your guitar?
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I voted EC-1000, but I looked at the truckster and changed my mind
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flame top is much sexier than the truckster but if you love metallica go ahead
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the perliod binding is lame.
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that was an epic win
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The EC-1000 is great, but there's too much abalone on most of them.

And why want a James Hetfield signature if it aint a V or an Explorer?
boo metallica. they used to be good, now theyre just a pile of crap.

plus, with the ec-1000, you can decide whether or not you want seymours or emgs.
You'll be much happier with the EC 1000

or better yet a tele

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If you want the tone the Truckster has, just have a pickup swap, and you'll have something that (probably) no one else has.

Anyways, the only signature guitar I like is a Les Paul...

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24.75” Scale

Mahogany Body
Flamed Maple Top

Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard

42mm Earvana Compensated Nut

Thin U Neck Contour

24 XJ Frets

Black Nickel Hardware

ESP Locking Tuners

Tonepros Locking Bridge & Tail

EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N) Active p.u.

Finish: STB
more or less the same specs. Of course, the Truckster has sperzels and a bone nut, as well as chrome hardware, but otherwise they're nearly the same.
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more or less the same specs. Of course, the Truckster has sperzels and a bone nut, as well as chrome hardware, but otherwise they're nearly the same.

still locking, and the earvana is better. i think the EC-1000 is better anyway though. it has 24 frets too, and you have the option of non actives, but your missing straplocks but thats a $20 fix.
The EC has 24 frets, meaning that the neck pickup will have a different tone compareed to the Truckster.
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I've been thinking what would you guys prefer for pu's for metal. I was thinking EMG's but what about the duncan jb/jazz combo that is common also?

its whatever you like. i like paf sounds.

^ true that.
Well, I'd say the EC1000 because they have the same pickups so you can get the same tone out of it, and plus like other people have said you can choose what finish you'd like unlike the truckster where you are limited.
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