I'm really looking for an 6 string acoustic guitar under 1000.
i do alot of dufour, mckee, and other finger style songs.
i don't play songs with vocal lines (i can't talk)
electronics don't matter
cut away/non cutaway doesn't matter
i only know a handful of guitar brands
i don't know too much about tonal characteristics either wood either(rosewood sounds nice to me)
Go to a shop and try a few out. Buy the one you like the feel and sound of and for finger picking try for a slightly wider neck and avoid dreadnoughts. Nobody but you knows your tastes and for a $1000 you have a fair bit of choice. The Cedar wood top Seagull with the 1.8 inch neck is a nice finger picking guitar for around $850 but you might like the sound of something else.
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Larrivee's are pretty quality. The 03 series should be right around a grand.
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Dufour uses a really nice Stonebridge old-growth Cedar top guitar. Out of all the top woods, I think Cedar is truly the most fitting for fingerstyle. Cedar has a very subtle tone that really comes out when played soft to medium intensity.

So yea... Look into Seagulls since about half of all their guitars are cedar top. The extra wide neck really helps you. My Seagull fingerpicks much easier and more comfortably than my Martin. The Martin is much easier to flatpick though. Well... for me, anyway.

You should also try looking into a 15 series Martin or a 16 series. The 15 series is right under $1000. You might also be able to find a 16 series mahogany side/back for around $1000 too. If you can find a 15 series used, it'll be about $700. the 16 series will also be around that, although probably a little higher.

The 15 series is made of mahogany, although these days they use "african mahogany" aka Sapele(which is very similar to mahogany except it has a striped grain pattern. Sapele is used as a mahogany substitute since real mahogany is starting to get scarce and therefore, expensive. the tone difference between the two is unnoticeable). The 16 series is a Sitka Spruce top and sapele side/back.

Other guitars you might want to check out are the Epiphone Masterbilt series, which runs at around $500+ depending on the side/back wood you choose. Although the guitar is closer to $500 than $1000, dont underestimate it's amazing sound and playability. They're solid guitars for sure. My last suggestion is the Guild GAD series. The GAD-40 that I played was a wonderful guitar.

I personally don't like the Larrivee 03 series guitars(except the special edition full body solid sapele), but that's just personal preference. They don't have the sound or feel that I really like.
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