ok the title kinda sucked, let me explain.

i read somewhere that USA strats and teles are a bit overrated and not worth all the money,

is this true?
is it worth the extra money for a usa or shld i just get a made in mexico??

people will tell you all sorts of tales about the quality of MIA stuff... if you believe americans can make things better than the rest of the world then fair play to you... check em out.. see for your self.
Thank you please.
I've played a US Strat and a MIM. The US plays so much nicer, and has more sustain,

The MIM aint a bad guitar though, and with new pickups, it could sound prob. better than the US.
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Compared to MIM, yes. Compared to G&Ls, no.

G&Ls are waaaaaay too bright for me. The thing is, if you have a pickup change in it and the MIM, they'll sound almost exactly the same.

And I don't like that headstock...
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Just no and anyone that says MIM are better its because they cant afford a MIA
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I highly suggest ignoring the country of origin and just play the guitar for yourself. Ultimately, a guitar is worth what you’re willing to pay for it. American Fenders are nice guitars no doubt. However, I have a $700 cap on any guitar purchase and lesser the better. Unfortunately, there aren't many American made instruments which meet my pricing criteria.
I have a 14 year old MIM strat I love, I actually prefer the neck over that of USA strats.

The pickups though, they could be better, but that's no big deal, easy swap out and you'll save alot of money.

If you can handle your headstock saying MIM over MIA then whatever, MIM are well worth it.
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Just no and anyone that says MIM are better its because they cant afford a MIA

thats not completely true. i work at a huge guitar store and i get kiler discounts on everything. i can get any instrument at cost, and they pay me a **** load of money so i can deffinately afford a MIA, and i am not saying that MIA's are over rated at all, they are great, but the MIM, there is something about that maple neck that i cant find an american to beat yet. i dont know what it is. i know the pickups in the MIM need a change, but i would do that to an MIA most likely too. build quality can suffer in an MIM but if you find a good one, i really prefer the MIM neck.

and to GuitarManDan, i can get a MIA for under 700 straight from the fender factory so cost is not an issue.
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