My ultimate-guitar.com home page is ****ed! it's all blue and really ****ed up!

what's going on?!?!

it be a mystery
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I'm dissapointed by the lack of penis.

If anyone sigs that, i'll fucking kill them.

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And I enjoy Katy Perry's music.

I swear to god nobody better sig this or else imma kill them
Sounds to me like the FBI have found your child porn stash.

Run dude, run!
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It has teh aidz.

(their stylesheet is missing or screwed up right now)

damn as soon as i read his thing i was gonna say AIDS!! haha but u beat me too it
The Hell Billy Rockers, yeah thats right, shameless promotion.
Oh god you divided by zero...
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Any chick that can dance with a walrus to Michael Jackson songs is hot in my book.