I just got a fender vibroverb, and i have a ts808 and a keeley compressor. I want to add a few effects to my arsenal (not necessarily all at once). Give me some advice
going for the srv/jimi/john mayer tone rock and blues basically

OD: robert keeley bd2 bluesdriver/ fulltone OCD
fuzz: jimi hendrix dunlop fuzzface/robert keeley fuzz head/analogman sun face
delay:boss dd3/t rex replica
leslie cabinet/rotating speaker effect: dunlop univibe ( i heard it sucks tho)
octave pedal: catalinbread ottava magus
clean boost:keeley katana/catalinbread serrano picoso
fulltone fulldrive 2 rc 20 boss loop station for kicks
wah: rmc 2/ rmc picture
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The Fulltone OCD can function as a clean boost, though its not particular clean.

But it also makes your amp sound like a Marshall. Idk if thats what you want...