who's got it?

Its pretty badass, but mine glitches up alot in the menu's, and it's slow during the cut scenes (the voices are normal speed, the movement and mouths are slow).

Anyone know how I can fix this?
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Yep... Gaming thread.

But also it may just be that you need some more RAM on your pc.
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Well my gfx card is a 512mb ATI and I have to put the two graphic settings on 3/4, resolution about 1280x800 (which is still sometimes too much), shadows HAVE to be on 1, and that other option that makes it look less pixelated on 1. I even have 2 gigs of ram, and a 4400+ dual core processor and it STILL jerks/glitches and wont run at a (fairly) smooth framerate. I knew I should have gotten that GeForce...

I like the put all the settings as high as they'll go and gawk at how beautiful the game can get. My computer CAN handle it, but at an almost unplayable framerate.

Anyway, I still beat the game with pretty much no problems besides framerate issues. I have the same cutscene problem. After they're done taking, the graphics haven't caught up to the sound and I wait there in silence for about 30 seconds.