I seem to have a bit of a problem... tonight, ug has been acting weird on me. the home page is messed up. it is a completely blank background with just text links and pictures, no boxes or organization. the forums are fine though. is there something wrong?

it was doing that for me, too.

it's fine now, just wait it out
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Oh dangit... I was getting my hopes up that the UG homepage was going to be updated to some fancy layout. ):
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thanks for the thread. does it reeeealy matter if there's two?

and also, if you're against it, why did you check it? did you wanna watch it get closed?

nah, just kiddin, if i knew how to delete it i would.

oh and disregard the suck thing. it just angers the hulk when some one just posts *reported*.

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dude you didn't need to report this. you're just being an asshole when he had an honest question


yeah! that kid just had an hone--


...oh, wait...