When you go to your local guitar store, how do you try out amps? obviously if your dealing with a tube amp, you can't crank it or you'll annoy everyone in the store, but if you play at a low volume, the tone won't be nearly as good as when cranked and sometimes it'll even be crap. How would you go about trying out a potential new amp?
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Just crank it up, if you are serious about buying the amp, you had better be able to hear the amp at its full potential.
and if they don't have private jam rooms, crank it up for just a bit and don't play something you can't make sound good?
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If you're serious about buying shit, most stores probably won't take issue with you cranking it up.

Unless I'm there soecifically to give a new amp a run through it's paces, I try to keep volume down. Unless an employee or bystander asks me to turn it up or something.
let me change my answer. who gives a **** if you annoy anyone. after spending a year on here you should know by now not to regard anyone as if they are also a human being, and have feelings.
You can crank it up, just as long as you aren't overly annoying.

I saw this guy one time trying out a Mesa Boogie Dual Rec, and no one seemed to mind.
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If you want to test a tube...either see if they have an attenuator you could use to keep the volume low, but quality up, or just crank it up...BUT...if you crank it up, there are three rules. 1) no shredding. It's obnoxious. 2) try to mix up riffs...the same one gets old. 3) have fun...you can tell when someone's having fun when they're playing, or just playing notes...

let us know what you get.
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You can't do that with valve/tube amps.

I usually play quiet, but the bloke asks me if I want to play it louder to see what it's like.

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If a store doesn't have a private jam room then you can talk to the staff and arange a time when you can crank the tube amps. If the store won't let you do that then don't buy from that store.

Also... Remeber to bring your guitar from home. Some amps sound better with certain pickups and with certain guitars.
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