Hey Umm a little about me

I'm 15 years old,
Been playing for 2 and a half years (Progressing quite well i hope )
And well I love my music especially rock.

I want to either find a band thats close to my age, At this moment not really too fussy on genre but prefer something not too heavy.

I am also interested in starting a band, I am looking for pretty much A bassist, A drummer, possibly a keyboardist, a vocalist and maybe another guitarist.

Not too fussy on playing lead or rhythym but I love to play my solos .

If i were to start a band it will be pretty open, I would like to try some Art rock/Prog rock kinda like pink floyd styles but i guess we will progress and slowly find who we are as a band as we go on.

My gear right now is
Fender strat '62 Mexican reissue,
through a zoom gfx-3
and into a Orange crush but I do have a Woodstock 55W which works nicely.

If your interested please add me on MSN or send in an email at fazzar_Foley@hotmail.com
whats too heavy for you?
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Hey TS.

I'm looking to start a bit of either an alternative band or a metal band. Not sure if this applies to you (?) but I thought I'd let you know just in case.

Pm me if need be.
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