I have decided to sell my Peavey Valveking Head and Cabinet. They are in EXCELLENT condition and I have decided to upgrade. The amp plays very well and I bought them less than a year ago from Guitar Center.

The package itself retails for around 950.00 and does not normally come with the footswitch or connector cable, which I will provide you (originally an extra 50.00 to 70.00).

Package comes with:
- Peavey Valveking Head
- Peavey Valveking Cab
- Peavey Valveking Footswitch
- Power cable
- Head to Cab connector Cable

Craigslist Page with pictures of it:

Quote by TheArtfulDodger
Selling for 750.00 by the way.
Forgot to mention that in original post and I guess we cant edit posts in here.

for some reason my pm didn't send.
i would be SUPER interested in the head and footswitch.
like you would have no idea how happy you would make me
if you sold just the head.

depending how much this one guy is selling his XXX for.
which is probably a lot of money.