We're a Christian Rock band. Our name is One Less Stone. The song I would like you all to listen to is the first one. It's called Through God's Eyes. We have 2 other songs we recorded at the same studio that we haven't put up yet because we don't have them copyrighted yet. If you guys (and girls) could give me some feedback on what you think we could improve on, or just what you think in general it is greatly appreciated.

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The vocals were good, the mixing/recording was a bit iffy though, especially the electric guitar it could be a bit louder when it first comes in to add more oomph.
Cool. Thanks. I'm the guitar player...I didnt really have a say over the mix lol. When we went to the studio I laid my part down and had to leave and go back to work, so that's the final product they came up with. For what we paid it's not bad quality at all. I just want to be louder.