Does anyone know of any musical instrument stores in Paris? Im going on the 6th of August for a week and will have some money to spend.

If you do, could you tell me the name and where it is in Paris?


Do people in the pit do this on purpose?

I am merely asking a siple question. A proper answer would be welcome.

EDIT: Looks like he changed his post
Sorry, I just wanted to get that in there before answering properly.
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i went here once Address: 79 Rue Patay its called studio plug in. dont ask me how to get there it was a friend who led me there. but i got its adress.
Oh ok thts fine then, its just people always give stupid answers...

and kl im just checkin it out to see if its got a website, if not ill try it out when we get there.
Sorry to break it to you, but its a bit retarded coming to the pit and expecting a serious answer...
i know theres a reaaaally ig one around place pigalle. but i dont know the exact adress
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