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Hi Rhian.

And it says the 6 months were unrelated, and for indecent exposure.
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he forced her to stay on there ? :s
and she did? :s

I got the impression she was too fat to get herself off. And he brought her food, which only perpetuated the situation
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I got the impression she was too fat to get herself off. And he brought her food, which only perpetuated the situation

so she sat on the toilet and was like ' i think i'm stuck' ?
Hello back,
Haven't seen you in a while here....

And bout the news... what the hell?!
Why was she sitting there for so long in the first place?!
She could apply for the world record for the longest duration of sitting on a toilet seat!
lol, i love the news...sometimes...
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Your crying like a baby to the pit....You have pretty much ruined it for yourself.
Must have been one hell of a nice seat.
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From what I heard of the story... it was her choice to stay on the toilet. She decided to not leave for god knows how long.

The dude shouldn't get in trouble cause the bitch can't stand up.
I hope she had a really good book...
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introduce her to the back of your hand.
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so she sat on the toilet and was like ' i think i'm stuck' ?

For some reason(some type of phobia I'm guessing) she wouldn't leave the bathroom. She clearly wasn't all there in the head. She had sores on her ass that when they healed, they healed around the seat of the toilet so she couldn't leave. The doctors said she must have been sitting there for at least four ****ing weeks to actually get stuck.

She didn't leave the bathroom for over two years of her own choice since her boyfriend was her guardian and obviously didn't care enough to make her at least stand up once awhile.
lmao wtf?
im sure there's more important things for the news to be going on about..
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

^^^ What's more important than the news of a fat chick getting stuck to a toilet and a guy getting 6 months for exposing himself to a teenager? :P
I'm still repulsed by the fact that she was stuck there by her sores. Just imagine all the blood/puss/bacteria she was sitting in for a month. It's a wonder she didn't get some deadly infection and die :|
He... forced her to sit there?

Also hi there
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
I remember this when the story about the woman was on the news the first time. Apparently she was afraid of coming out of the house because of problems with her relatives which had developed into a phobia, or something. I think her mum died or something. Dunno why she had to stay in the bathroom though. Also I think he did try and encourage her to come out, although obviously he wasn't very persuasive if her arse got stuck.

I guess he had to have two bathrooms since she had melded herself to the toilet in that one lol.