That's a drum machine? It sounds pretty good for a drum machine. Overall these tracks sound pretty good - quite catchy overall. You've got some nice stuff going on here. In order to improve I would recommend giving the bass something more interesting to do because it seems really boring at the moment.

Overall, it sounds pretty good - nice stuff!
Thanks for your response
Yes, there's still a drum machine on careless and dizzy symphony.
Anyways, we're going to record all our songs again in studio quality, so that drums and bass don't sound as shitty as they do right now.
And if you wanna know how I define studio quality, listen to our new song "cheers, we made it"
Oh, thanks for listening
But I think that's a matter of opinion, so I like it better that way, since on stage there is no counting in like "1, 2, 3, 4" with drumsticks (is "counting in" the right description for that?).