Hey guys

For my A level design and technology guitar I decided to design and build a fully working electric guitar. It turned out quite well as you can see from the picture below


I was just wondering if I would be able to sell a custom guitar like this on ebay for any sort of money? Are there people that specifically buy hand made guitars? (It breaks my heart to sell it but having money problems) Any info would be muchos appreciated

Thanks in advance,

nice guitar dude...

and yea
use ebay
im sure someone will find it and want it
its a beauty.
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That is ****ing gorgeous

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ofcourse you could sell it, theres nothing to stop you .
also many people prefer custom guitars due to getting their perfect dream guitar.
EDIT: forgot to mention, that is one sweet guitar
well if it wasn't so damn ugly, then yeah maybe you could have lol. Depends on how good it sounds; what hardware and wood you used. Maybe even if you made a through-neck that would bumped the price up a bit. You might even consider doing a kewl paint job on it to see if it will make it more aesthetically appealing?
Well i'd say you'd definitely be able to sell it. I dont agree with ravenwoods at all, i think its a beautiful guitar finished with taste. Personally i wouldn't sell it as if i made that, it would be very special for me personally but its entirely up to you.
That's a very nice guitar, but don't expect to get much for it. Probably along the same lines as comparable assembly line guitars. Probably less actually. Reputation means a lot to people, especially when they're buying something over the internet. Sorry to say, but you don't really have one as far as guitar building goes. Not saying you can't get anything for it, because it looks like a great guitar, just probably a less than you're hoping for.
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Really not my style/taste of guitar but that looks damn nice.
I agree with pr0pedestrian; being what you might call a "no-name" guitar means you're very unlikely to get much for it.

As has also been said though, I would definitely not want to sell a guitar like that that I had made myself.
that's interesting looking... did you do the sharkfin inlays yourself? kinda looks like a V-less V lol
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