Hi all,

I'm planning on upgrading my guitar with a pre-wired pickguard from Guitar Fetish. My current guitar is fairly cheap and I'm confident that even lower priced Guitar Fetish sets will be better than my current set up.

My question is, if I change my SSS strat for this:


Will I lose the ability to play anything other than rock and metal?

The other option is:


I'd like the option to play most kinds of music, which is why I'm leaning towards the latter option, but having a dual humbucker setup just looks a million times cooler!

Thanks, Chris
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Humbuckers do not restrict you to rock and metal. If you have a good amp you can make either one sound reasonably like the other, even the jangle of single coils can be replicated by a humbucker if it's running through a Fender amplifier.

Before you even make a decision you need to ensure that your guitar is routed for the pickups you want to put in it... take off your current pickguard and see what the pickup routes look like. In all likelihood if you have an el-cheapo Strat copy then you won't have a humbucker route in the neck position, so the decision will be made for you.

If you want a neck humbucker I recommend looking into the Lil' Killer pickups... they rock.
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