How many of you scoundrels use a valve junior head with effects pedals to achieve all sorts of different tones? I'm on very limited funds, and am in the market for a cheap tube head that I can get used. I haven't seen any blackhearts in my local shop but have seen quite a few valve juniors. My plan is to use my already existing digi death metal ( ) and buy a chorus or tube screamer pedal to achieve a metalish/shred tone. I have read reviews on these valve juniors and I completely understand they're not built for heavier music. Just want to see what I can get away with. Also, what other pedals would you recommend for what I'm going for?

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you probly could get a metal tone out of it pretty easily, if you just use a bunch of pedals. But it will not sound much like a tube amp.
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i have a modded vj head and i use a metal muff for metal tone at lower volumes and it sound GREAT! i would recomend a good reverb pedal and eq pedal. i use a tubescreamer for classic rock tones at lower volumes. but when its cranked i can get a good metal using the tubescreamer and eq pedal. but i still prefer the tone of the metal muff at any volume for the best metal tone.
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I used to have a Vj combo and ran lots of pedals through it.

Nothing disappointing about it.
Well then it's settled. Off to the guitar store I am.

93 Jackson Dinky Professional Reverse
98 Jackson Kelly KE3

Peavey Bandit 112
Custom 2x10 cab w/Bugeras
i run mine with an hbe big d... probably not the best idea, to be honest, but i bought the pedal a while after the amp (plus the vj isn't my only amp). big problem with pedals is that you want to get one which doesn't completely obliterate the nice tube tone from the VJ, and if you aren't careful, that can get expensive...
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I was particularly impressed with the ZVex Box of Metal, the Hermida Zendrive, and (somewhat surprisingly) the combination of a Bad Monkey and a Soul Preacher when used with the VJ. The VJ loved every bit of it.
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dont want to hijack the thread, but would a pod 2.0 work with the vj or would it kill the tube-sound?

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dont want to hijack the thread, but would a pod 2.0 work with the vj or would it kill the tube-sound?

I ran a pocket pod through mine and everything just sounded good but I did a tube change which made the amp better. They were JJ for power and RCA 5751 (70% of 12AX7) for preamp. More headroom and sweeter sound.

Once I hooked up the VJ to the speakers in my Kustom 2x12 combo. Drove those speakers pretty damn good.
I use mine with different things - Tubescreamer, ART STUDIO TUBE Preamp, DS-1 but lately I just use my Korg AX5G MultiEffects Pedal with it to add Reverb, Chorus, etc. (I love the ROTARY effect it has) - the VJ loves most pedals... We're doing a thread right now in the Epiphone Amp Forums on what pedals sound good with VJ's - it just started. It didn't seem to really enjoy my Zoom G2 as much as my Korg (sold the G2) but with my Korg it has some amazing sounds including low volume (living room volume) HI-GAIN Metal... and the Korg doesn't hamper the VJ's natural overdrive when cranking it up. I also found a Cheap Lil' $29 Art Studio Tube Preamp (Musician's Friend sale) will boost the VJ somewhat - and you can actually overdrive it by increasing the input and output knobs. You can boost the cleans at up to about 11:00 and after that BOOST the gain too. I use it with everything although it can get a bit "noisy" when pushed with other pedals...

I also found that you can use a tubescreamer like an Attenuator - Turn the VJ WIDE OPEN and turn the LEVEL on the TS down to low Volume & have a fully cranked up VJ at ULTRA-LOW levels. I'm too poor right now to afford an Attenuator but that's next on my list. A WEBER Mini-Mass probably.
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