I have an Ibanez AS-73 (semi hollow, mahogany neck, soft maple body, 24 3/4 scale, hardtail) and I'm swapping out the stock pups. I've decided on a Seymour Duncan phat-cat p-90 in the neck but am going stupid over bridge choices. The tone zone sounds good but will it be to "thick" for a semi hollow? I'm not worried about balance with the neck so much but after looking at the specs it seems crazy high output (res. peak and DC resistance about as high as a dimebucker). I get most all my clean sounds from the neck so i want a bridge pup for hot and nasty rockin time with good output and harmonics and not twangy. I've also looked at seymour duncan JB, dimebucker, and several others. I don't know what would be to sensitive for a semi hollow (feedback issues). I like a little feedback but not instant squeal when you take your hands off of silenced strings. Any ideas?
well, if you don't like it, you can always return it to dimarzio for something else. i went thru a PAF Pro, and an Air Norton before i wound up with my super 2
I imagine it would be absolutely horrendous to be honest - you should look at the Air Zone instead, similar tonal qualities but not as full on or stupidly high output.
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