Hi I've been playing guitar for about 1 year now and have taught myself everything off the internet. I've decided that in order to improve my playing I need to understand how all these songs are constructed. I have NO musical background and every book, dvd and articale I've read on the internet have only confused me further. Could someone PLEASE direct me to some good articles or websites that teach firstly how music is constructed and how to APPLY it to the guitar. I can download a pentatonic scale off the internet and learn that but I have no idea why I need to learn it and what relevance it has to making me a better player. All the websites I have visited also talk about "now simply continue playing the scale up the neck" but they don't even give an examply to connect it all together! I'm finding this whole thing very frustrating and I don't want to give up trying! By the way I am taking lessons but they are very expensive and I don't seem to be getting anywhere.
Read the Crusade articles by Josh Urban in the Columns section, they'll help you a lot.
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