So how many of you guys have a part-time job yet?

I'm looking around at the moment, its just quite daunting when you have no experience at all. What particular places would you recommend?
I have a job at my local pub, and i'm 15!!
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I worked in an offlicence at that age. Couldn't work the tills though as I wasn't old enough. TBH, your going to be looking at pretty piss poor jobs. Retail and the food industries are pretty much the only place you're going to find PT work.
my brother got a part time job at waitrose supermarket. he gets paid £300 just for training.
I worked at mc donalds until 2 oclock today. I had worked there for 3 years, since i was 16. Despite the bad press working there gets it is actually a good place to work, and the people where i worked were brilliant, was pretty muching laughing through every shift.
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ive applied for homebase, they're messing me around a bit though so i don't really think its going anywhere. I think im gona try b n q aswell.
me & my mate want part time jobs too, we're only 15 & the problems we have are things like...
people see me as a "dirty mosher" cos i have long hair from most males around here & the places i'd like to work, or would put up working dont need anymore staff =\
but i dont wanna work some place i hate, like i'd hate working with food & stuff