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I just wanted to ask that am i any good at playing guitars? i have been playing for like 4 years...
the problem is that i just dont shred and sweep...while most of the guitarists can...

I just play what i feel like playing..... so is it any good? that I play?

waiting for your replies....about my playing style.
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Better than I could do but, it feels a bit... generic might be the word? I don't know, it doesn't really connect to me though. I like a track to reach out and pull me into it.

Shredding/sweeping isn't everything, I prefer a musician who can use pace to create mood as compared to just playing as fast as they can the whole time. However, if that's where you want to be, then fair enough.
It's better than what I can do, but then again... you've been playing for 4 years...

I mean, sure there was good parts to it, but your where off many times, and I think the problem is that your trying too hard. There's nothing wrong with the leads being a litle simplistic, just add a few bends, slides, hammer-ons here and there and you'll be set. I liked the start of it though, one riff had an early metallica-like sound to it and I liked that .

Keep it up.
I liked it. It sounds like you have a good grasp on phrasing and different techniques. Your timing was off sometimes, but you can always practice and clean that up. Keep learning and honing your chops, but don't get freaked out by what other players are doing (at least not in a negative way). Just learn from those you like and concentrate on equipping yourself with as many tools as you can to play the way you want to play the best way you can.

Also, learning shred techniques is a good thing to do, but don't feel like you're less of a player because you're not as far along as you would like. Keep practicing and working hard, but enjoy what you do. Too many players get so wrapped up in what they wish they could do that they stop enjoying the music they're playing. Just keep at it, work hard and enjoy. You'll keep improving and expanding your musical palette.

That said, I really like your tone and your licks were pretty badass
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As far as playing goes it was technically still pretty good. I didn't hear this 'way off timing' others spoke of.

The problem is it has no structure, so it just kind of sounds a bit like mindless wank. An instrumental song of 3:28 can't really carry on one main idea with no tempo changes or feel changes.

I understand you want to show off your skills to UG (yes, you have ability), but I just personally find it hard to listen to when a whole song is just essentially one riff with soloing over the top.

My suggestion for you to really prove your worth as a player is to basically look at it from a songwriting perspective and write a structured piece that means something to you and says something. Take that how you want.

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hey dude, not bad man. I thought it was pretty good and the tone was great. The drum track was also good. Phrasing was also good too. Crit mine?

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