Hey all.

Im running an Ampeg b2r head into 2 4x10 cabs..both rated at 8 ohms.
The problem im having is that when i play a low E my second cab distorts, the problem lessens as the volume reduced however it is not completely fixed.

I have tried plugging the cabs individually into the head and they both work perfectly, i also tried using both of my speaker leads, again perfect.
But when i plug them in together i always get one distort. And it seems to be the one thats connected second (ie. from one cab to another rather than directly from the head).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening?..could i be one of my speaker cables?

Oh and also its not like i have the gain or bass cranked..even a minimal amount and i get the problem.

So yeah any help would be great.
Cheers, Dave.