you know those ones that have tripod base, supports the guitar at the bottom, and holds the guitar on the neck while the guitar leans on that neck piece

some guy told me that those are bad for your guitar because leaning on the neck causes stress on the neck

is this true? or is some paranoid freak trying to make me buy another stand??
Tons of people use them. Unless you have a really fragile guitar, I can't imagine it being a serious problem.
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People believe strange things but no never had a problem and I keep my guitars in these kind of stands.
The stands are perfectly fine they dont set it the guita at any extreme angle also they hold the neck more towards the joint not the top. What you dont want to do is lean it at an extreme angle in the closet for storage or so forth that can cause issues and bow the neck. When you do this its putting all the weight directly on the neck because its positioned so the very tip of the headstock is against the wall and the very bottom of the guitar is on the floor. But people hear this and start making up myths and apply it to everything. Theres way to many people spreading false information and most of this bad info is coming from idiot guitar store reps...