Ive only been playing for a few months, but after just screwing around learning a few songs, since my parents havent gotten anybody to teach me yet, im trying to learn a few things by myself. I already know a few basic chords, but could anybody tell me or give me a list of chords and the power chord version of it.
Type 'all chords' into the guitar tab search bar, should sort you out!

The 'power chord version' is just the basic shape of a power chord, which I'm assuming you know, shifted about the fretboard and rooted (most often) on the 5th (A) or 6th (E) string.
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Since you're just starting out I'd like to give you some advice, that if you're willing to make the effort, will put you light years ahead of where you'll get by memorizing chord diagrams. It's this:

Chords in a particular key are really just accumulations of notes from the associated Major scale. Once you know the major scale, the notes on the fretboard, and a few simple formulas, you will be able to construct any chord, anywhere on the guitar. You will NEVER need a chord book, again.

I know you're chomping at the bit to play, but a good teacher will make you do this anyway. It'll cut literally years off your struggle to become a really good guitarist.

Here's where you can get started for free - www.reallylearnguitar.com/freetutorials.htm

Pay particular attentions to the tutorials on the fretboard, major scales, chord formulas, and triads. If you'll resist trying to bypass the basic, boring stuff you'll thank me later. trust me.
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