This is the first song i ever wrote

I believe it is about death & redemption
figure anytihng else out yourself

Angel Of Death
[verse one]
I look up and the moon is shining
Staring at the silver lining
It hits you in a flash

I blink and then my tears are falling
Blink again and I am crawling
Staring at the floor
I can’t take this any more
I’m at deaths door, the painful truth
Struck down in the prime of youth
I know you’re all too blind to see
But at last I’ll be set free.
I did all I wanted to do
And I’m still watching over you
Although it came at price
I didn’t bother to think twice
My Final Breath
Angel of Death
The Darkness calls
The curtain falls
[Verse 2]
Roaming wastelands for all time
Death, destruction, so sublime.
Forced to pay for every crime
Each year my visit will occur
But I’ll be gone fast as a blur

I blink and my friends are crying
I blink again and they’re all dying
I cannot take this any more
My body’s numb my heart is sore
Soon you’ll be at deaths door
They’ll be nothing you can do
When i come for you...
[verse 3]
Every day there’s less to say
As I slowly fade away
Day by day I’m being maimed
Slowly, slowly so deranged
Darkness clods my train of thought
I got nothing that i saw
I hate it now but loved it then
I’m crying for my life again
Waiting for the end of time
Till I’ve paid for every crime
Then I’ll be back, wait and see
I’m begging you, believe me

anything you didnt understand? message me about it

also i'll be posting on up to 3 more songs if people like this so please give your honest views
I would suggest changing the name, there is a VERY famous song by Slayer with the same name, in case you didn't know.
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its metal
death metal

and if you have suggestions for a new name please say

and theres also an angel of death song by axxis if u didnt know

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