I'm going to be a freshman (:p this coming school year, and I'm taking 3 honors classes, which I think is a little too much for me. I was thinking it might make it a little easier to organize and take notes if I bought a laptop instead of a heap of notebooks. Well, either way, I think I'm going to get the MacBook 2.4GHz in white, because I need a laptop for recording anyways. So, my question is...

Is a laptop really applicable during one's freshman year, or is it useless? Obviously I'll still use notebooks, because you can't type EVERYTHING. Also, will people generally consider me a douche for carrying one around?

Are there any other laptops that would be a better choice for blogging, writing documents, watching videos, playing games (flash and the like, not usually full-blown games), and recording? I really don't like Vista..

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You won't need one for high school, and you'll likely be one of the only ones carrying one around.
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I'm going to try to get a Macbook as I start college, just because it'll be useful to keep things organized.
its going to get stolen
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Also, will people generally consider me a douche for carrying one around?

people will consider you a douche for buying a Mac
You don't need a laptop for high school. A desktop (or a laptop) at home is enough. Notebooks work a lot better at school, imo

Edit: If you're willing to pay the money, though, it'll be a pretty good investment, but not the most useful at the moment (I got an iMac this year and my brother's had a MacBook for a few years)
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Its a lot more money than a similarly spec'd laptop with Windows. Are you doing anything media orientated?
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Not only will you not need one in high school, but it's probably not allowed in school, anyway (depending on where you live).

It's not worth it at the moment.

Now, unless you just REALLY want a Mac, and want it for reasons other than school, then get it, but you just really don't need one in high school.
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Depending on the class they wont let you do that, you'll HAVE to have a notebook in order to get credit sometimes, because they check notes and stuff like that...at least they did in my school.
Honestly at my school, they give out these ****ty laptops for us to use throughout the year, that is if you apply for one, and freshmen arent allowed to receive them. Theyre mad old though, damn near 10years old. But anyways, having a laptop for high school is a good idea, but its not a necessity...
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high school isnt really like that...

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add that:

It's much easier to take notes on paper than on a computer, which I'm pretty sure you won't be allowed to use in the classroom.

You never really have to use the computer except to:
-Write an essay
-Make a power point
-Use the internet to research.

This is coming from someone who's been in a lot of AP's.

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My friend carried around a MacBook the last month or so. Everyone tried to steal it from his bag and people were making fun of him. Also, teachers didn't let him use it in class for notes because they couldn't see what he was doing, and it was distracting to everyone else.
Well the macbook will do all of those things and more, but it won't do you any good in school with you. Leave it at home if you know what's good for you. At school it will become a distraction and probably won't help. I got mine senior year, and I would spend hours in the cafeteria programming beats and writing songs.
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Alright. I'm gonna hold off for a while.. Much more fun to invest my savings in a new guitar anyways

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Dont get a mac book, youre gonna be a freshman. Honors classes arent too hard when youre a freshman. I cant think of when I would ever have needed a laptop. (Im sure its different in other schools, but i didnt need one)
That's not to say you shouldn't get one at all though. You definitely won't need it in school and you will look like a douche. And I would never carry around my MacBook around in school anyway, I'd be afraid something would happen to it.
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It's just freshman year, dude.

exactly. honors classes are not difficult.
carrying around a laptop will just make you look like a fool.