I was looking to buy a louder more capable amp than the Roland Cube 15 that I have, and I found a used Marshall AVT150 Half Stack for sale for 550 $. I play stuff like def leppard, poison, motley crue, la guns, faster pussycat, judas priest, cinderella, kix, warrant and iron maiden. I was wondering if this amp would be good for this type of music and if it was a good deal. thanks
It's not an amazing amp, but if it's got a decent cab then it's worth looking at. Ultimately what other people think isn't the issue, if you like the sound it makes then it's not a bad price.
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thanks. and also, I found a Boss HM-3, and from what Ive heard, thats a good pedal for that type of music. would that be worth getting too?
you could almost get a peavey windsor halfstack for that price. if you ask me it's much better. I'd probably get a different speaker cab, though. avatar maybe? i hear they're pretty good value in the USA.
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