Hello. I have a jcm800 through a 64' 2x12 fender blackface cab. To much not needed noise, and I think most of it is because of the 64' fender; because when I use to play the jcm800 through a 4x12 1960a, it didn't have as much noise, but still some.

What pedals can reduce all that noise without reducing the effect on my other effect pedals? cause I have a couple.
I'm not sure what sort of noise you have. If it's a humming coming from the cab, then there ain't a lot that can help. You could always try a noise gate, but like I say, I have no idea what sort of noise it's making or where it's coming from.
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ISP Decimator...I think....There are couple, go to Musicians Friend, you'll find a bunch there.

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Noise Supressor Pedal, Boss makes one among others im sure

Edit: Unless its coming from a shat chord, in which case buy a new one, planet waves are very good but pricey
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i somehow end up buying crappy leads, suggestions of a decent make/ brand? they always end up breaking on me

Start by going to the shop with your rig, or at least your axe, your head and wverything inbetween, then plus the head into a cab of the shop's stock. If still noisy ask them to try cables, pick a brand, a model, and get them to open as much packs as needed to test out your rig properly.

Cables aren't so much highly regarded when starting and somewhat not much after when we're not playing in studios, but they are the veins between your six string and your amp.

Then if all fails try those noise gates or whatever you call 'em.
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I was looking at the ISP Decimator and it looks like a good buy but does it negatively affect the time-based pedals like phasers, flangers, and reverbs?
ISP decimator G string, it silences the hum from the guitar to amp and also silences the hiss/buzz from the effects loop