I am in the market for a new OD pedal to push my amp into metal territory by using an overdrive over the dirty channels. I have heard alot about modded pedals and such in my search but I have less than amusing soldering skills. I know that some modders sell their pedals pre-modded. Is this legit and a safe buy? Also can anyone reccomend some good quality modders? Ive heard keeley is good. Thanks in advance.
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Not the advice you're looking for, but a lot of times a $4 "learn to solder" kit and a cheap soldering iron set will be a lot cheaper than ordering. Just going through a beginner kit or two will give you all the skill you need, and give you a new invaluable skill for anyone who loves guitar gear.
It's really about the individual. Some people do what they do well, and have a good reputation for it. Their products will be at or above the quality level of mass-production pedals typically.

You also have the people who are horrible, or worse, take your money and never give you anything. (Common to all markets, that one).

That being said, I've also heard good things about Keeley, but have never ordered a pedal from him, so I cannot provide any advice there.
Analogman ftw, just got my od-9 from him today, if you can find something on his site that is down your alley, its worth it