Okay UG, so here is the deal...

I am debating which to get, the POD 2.0 or the POD XT

I need some pointers because I really don't know the pros and cons except for the fact that the POD XT has a screen and some more interesting effect features


Which one is more worth getting considering the fact that the POD XT is $100 more

Help me out UG

P.S. If you have any other ideas for pedals i'm into stuff like rock, jazz, metal ( i know that doesn't help but an effect that will give me Racer X like tone would be pretty nice ;3) I have been using a DigiTech RP80 up until now and the tone is ****e.

Anyways, thanks UG and... ROCK ON!
What amp do you have?

Do you play live, or is this just for practise and studio?

Answer these two and we can help more =]
Practice and "Studio"

It's for recording and making songs and adding things to youtube
i just bought a Korg AX3000G and im loving it its only 200$ off of musicians friend it works great for live performance as i use it for our churches praise band

sound quality is amazing far superiour to Digitech stuff
and i compared it side by side to a Boss ME50 and it sounded way better

its not very hard to use and its knobbased as opposed to menu based like most digitech stuff

as far as effects its got: Compressor, Acoustic simulator, Pickup simulator, Vox 847/848 wah, Auto-Wah, Chorus/Flange, U-Vibe/Phaser, Ring Mod, Drone(sitar), Synth, Classic Chorus, Bi-Chorus, Classic Flange, Duo Phase, Textremelo, Rotary, Envelope Filter, Random Filter, & a good bit more

theres like 11 distortions and like 11 amp models i believe they all sound great

there are like 11 or so Reverbs which sound fantastic

there are 11 or so delays which are also amazing

i bought one expecting it to be decent considering it was only 200$ but its amazing plus its got a keylock feature that prevents knobs from accidentally being turned
fantastic deal and i would highly recommend it
look it up on musicians friend or american musical for more info
the biggest advantages over simalar Boss or Line 6 stuff is its a hell of a lot cheaper for what you get
and it sounds just as good as that stuff (in other words leaps and bounds better than digitech stuff)