I only started playing the electric, and really kept at it, was probably sometime back in probably June. I got my first electric and amp from my mother on christmas, just a ebay'd Squier and a 10 watt Marshall 10 CD. I'd like to have a more powerful amp, possibly with a few effects thrown in it. I was looking at the Line 6 Spider 3 15. 15 watt, 4 amp models, 6 effects (2 simultaneous), 4 user programmable channels, CD/MP3 jack, Headphone/Direct Out, 8" speaker. I'm not in a band, so my amp doesn't need to be loud, unless I'm alone in the house and decide to crank it up a tad bit. And I don't do live solos. What's your opinion on me buying this amp for usage?

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If anything, you need a quieter amp. It just has to be good quality. I hereby recommend the Roland Micro Cube. It's 2W, and completely blows the tits off your current amp. Here is a good video demonstration (CLICK), which gives you a good idea what it sounds like. I have one. Trust me, the guy hasn't even got it turned up half way. Perfect for the house.

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