this seems like a great place for opinions and advice whats everyones opinion on the types of polish to use on guitars and what to use on fret boards? for years i always use a little car polish during string changes it doesnt seem to smudge or atract dust particles like furniture polishes seem to do. i also rub in a little lemon oil on a rosewood fret board not sure on a maple one.well its hard to teach an old dog new tricks and i havnt had any probs doing things that way.can you let me know if its the correct way to do things or not???
andre lemon oil for fretboard, when my guitar gets a bit dusty or unclean, i just wipe it witha glasses type cloth.
furniture polish works really well
and it makes it smell greeat
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Lemon oil is good for the fretboard, but I don't bother polishing the body.
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