In my opinion, the best indie rock band is Delta Spirit. I actually found out about them through a friend at umgd who I haven't seen in a long time, but anyways I love the band! I have to go to Myspace.com/DeltaSpirit to listen to their songs since their album (i think it's called Ode to Sunshine) comes out August 26th. As a drummer and guitarist, I like playing along to their stuff too -especially Trashcan. Just wanted to share with you guys & girls...
this is the first time I've heard of them....but i definately have to agree that they are an amazing band
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I actually saw them play a small coffee shop of like 50 people last winter.
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im seeing them september 7. they are opening for Dr Dog

I envy you. Mainly since your seeing Dr. Dog.

I just checked out Delta Spirit on myspace and the songs are all great and very catchy.
I saw them last year when they opened for Dr. Dog... And will be seeing them again this year with Dr. Dog. They were pretty good when I saw them.. I bought their album "Ode To Sunshine". I thought it was decent enough when I got it but I got sick of it after a while...I didn't really like their production style a bit too pop for my taste. This is a band you must see live to fully appreciate imo.
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saw them on sunday with dr dog. they absolutely blew me away!! great live show, especially given the tiny venue i was in. and to be honest, they sound so much better live than on "Ode..." their singer is better live, their playing is more emotional, and their it just sounds bigger and better haha i dont really know how to describe it very well. definitely will see them again whenever they play near me.

i talked with their drummer for a while after the show too - really chill, down to earth guy. he was so cordial and asked me all about what i thought of their show/sound
oh, and they played "people, turn around" for their last song. it honestly gave me goosebumps and nearly made me cry. it sounded unbelievably good live and seeing how much emotion the singer put into it really got to me.
They have a lot of talent. I've only heard a little, but I want to buy their album. It's so great.
I just bought Ode to Sunshine. They are a great band and one of my favorites. "People, turn around" is such an amazing song.
more people should listen to these guys. they are insanely good.

daytrotter described them best - "Delta Spirit should be required listening."

for those of you who already like/listen to them, in case you hadn't heard, they named their new album! It is due out in 2010, and will be called "Natalie Portman Says This Album Will Change Your Life" (http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2009/jun/10/blurt2/)

The last two times i have seen them they have played a few new songs, and every time, the new (and old) blew me away