I am currently using a Logitech 5.1 pc speakers, there is nothing really wrong with them but I want my mixes to be translatable to other sound systems.

I was thinking about KRK Rokit 8 or 5.
put most of your budget towards the monitors, they are your #1 source of audio when mixing and mastering and cheap monitors will color the sound.

I liked the KRK 5 and 6 monitors when I tried them at a guitar center a while back. The 5s were fair and put out a lot of bass for their size but if I were to buy monitors I would go with at least a 6 inch woofer these days such as the RP6
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The KRK's get some good reviews. I have a pair of Behringer Truths B2031P's that were refurbished. Got a good price on them from MusiciansFriend. They are passive monitors. I'm driving them with JVC stereo receiver at present. I use them for every day listening as well as mixing on, and they can kick some serious butt....

Also check Yorkville YSM-1's

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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I got a pair of M-audio BX5a, I am extremely surprised by how much more I could hear with them.

For example, I can hear a narrow Q notch of only a couple decibels, something that would never be audible with my PC speakers, I am really impressed.