So I got the idea of starting a band in Spring. I'm 15 and I've been playing guitar for about a year, but I'm not too bad for my experience. To start with this band was:

Me: Lead guitar
A rhythm/lead player, a singer, a bassist, and another friend whose brother left a little drum machine thing at his house, so he was the drummer.

I think the first crisis happened when our bassist decided she didn't want to play bass at that level cos it intimidated her or some crap. But she wanted to remain part of the band, and cos she's one of our best friends, we thought Okay.
Next, at a practice with me, the "drummer" and the singer, it was decided that the drummer should play electric violin because some crappy pop-punk band the singer likes has a violinist. Ahem. Sorry, must respect opinions, so pretend I crossed out the crappy.
We added a keyboardist to the line-up, pretty much because he is the singer's new best friend. We all like him, but he's incredibly random and very unreliable, so not sure about him.
We were now drummer and bassist-less, but with at least one superfluous member. Woo, long word.
We put up adverts for drummers and bassists and received exactly 0 responses.

One of our friends who is pretty spoilt and rich has a drumset in his house - he doesn't actually play it, it's his sister's - he just has fun playing drum solos etc, I doubt he can keep up a rhythm. Without consulting me or anyone else, the singer brought him into the band as a drummer. I've been thinking about him and I did a little list:

PROS: He has a drumset... he is our friend and he speaks English (we live in France)
CONS: He's pretty full of himself, he lives in the middle of nowhere, he's not a great drummer (we aren't great either, but we're competent)

But he's our friend so I don't want to say anything.
As for a bassist, my guitar teacher mentioned one of his students who is apparently really good, but she's on holiday

On top of all this mess with the members, we have never actually met and I don't think songwriting is going to be easy. My vision for the band as far as guitars go is the singer playing really really basic rhythm (she can't do much more), the rhythm guy doing proper rhythm guitar (he's really good at it), and then me flitting in between OK rhythm and lead bits over the top.
Unfortunately, I am the only one in our band who is a fan of hard rock - they are all either alt. rock or pop. punk fans, meaning that unless we find a style fast, we'll explode
And, we have about three songwriters - me, the singer and the other guitarist all write songs, all of them intended for our own voices and styles about our own problems. Seeing as the singer is a girl, she can't really be singing about girls (her bf would not enjoy that ) but her songs are intended for her, and are not really appropriate for a rock band.

I'm considering calling a meet when everyone is back from holidays, and anyone who doesn't make it can fuck off, which would be easier, but may hurt some feelings.

Tl;dr : erm... epically sized band with much difficulty getting it together and with very different musical tastes.

Also, me and the singer have ...issues that aren't really resolved, the guitarist and the drummer don't get on, the drummer is a bit of a twat, the singer and the.... ex-bassist have problems too.

Do we have a chance?
no of peoples in my band like the same music there are some bands that we all like though such as metallica and pantera

so find a middleground nd work from there
**** no
Just start a new complete band, and just recruit people on your accords not everyone elses.
Afterall you initially thought of this band right? i had a similar situation, long story short our alchoholic drummer and do nothing singer have been ejected and now we have new members, and are recording soon. Seriously either tell them to get it sorted or tell them to GTFO
Dude, you gotta pull an "Axl Rose" on them.
Tell them it's your band, if they don't like it, they can get in line and kiss your ass.
my input: I think her boyfriend would enjoy that ALOT.

but other than that good luck, your band may become the next Primus.
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my input: I think her boyfriend would enjoy that ALOT.

but other than that good luck, your band may become the next Primus.

primus has 3 members, more like claypool's fancy band, bass, sitar, sax, guitar, drums and perc ftw lol.

anyway i say dump this band and work towards getting something together on your own terms
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It sounds to me like your problem isn't defining a style, it's keeping everyone happy(huge problem if everyone hates each other*). Trust me, that is a long dark path you do not want to tread. If you want a hard rock outfit, find some people who dig hard rock(trust me, it's easier than finding metal-heads who don't have their heads lodged up their asses), and if you can't, then compremise, you can't get everything you want, and besides: hard rock and punk always make a good mix, and I'm sure you can make room for some alt influences. And besides, opposites attract (think Apocalyptica: Cellos & Metal, and they make it work!). As for the "superfluous" ones you might let them know EXACTLY how important they are,
EG, the Unreliable Keyboardist, tell him to start showing up, or he's out.
The Spoiled Drummer Boy:
PROS: if you tell him he's "not in the band" he'll "understand".
CONS: after that, he won't give you the time of day. (like all primadonnas)
And for the incompetent ones, it's best not to dumb down your music, if they understand that, they will also understand that it's unfair to hold others back, and will consequentually start practicing, and if the don't understand, they will: throw a fit and storm off. It will never be perfect, nothing is, but that dosen't mean it can't be good, just remember:" A band is like a dsfunctional family, but it's the dysfunctional family you choose!". You are what you is, don't ever forget that.

*If they hate each other, they (teenagers, I assume) are not likley to patch it up any time soon, but in an attempt to bury the hatchet, tell them to work out their differences, or get packin'
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my input: I think her boyfriend would enjoy that ALOT.

Well I wish I could just ditch them, but I would be slightly friendless, because they're my best friends, and the girls would totally cut me off from the circle etc. so no drastic measures.
There are no other musicians where I live, apart from pianists, and probably forty billion guitarists, which is exactly what I don't need and I bet I would have trouble finding hard rock people here.
As for the Axl Rose approach, yeah... I would rather not be viewed as an asshole, and it's just not my personality, I'm way too laid-back to dictate and stuff but I definitely intend to make it clear to the superfluous members that they are in no way equals in terms of musical decisions etc, unless I agree with them