I have a choice of these semour duncan pickups on my g-400:
59' neck 59'bridge
59'neck jb bridge
59 neck sh-5 custom bridge
which one????
please tell me why if you voted.
i play mostly everything except metal and jazz> i play classic rock, hard rock(not too hard) and occasionally blues. I mostly play christian and rock^.
Why only those pickups...and what amp you using?
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Why only those pickups...and what amp you using?

i'll be using classic 30 (peavey)
I have a Custom Custom in my bridge and love it but I have a Strat.

It will give you the harder stuff you wanna play and then just roll off and onto the neck for the cleaner stuff.

Oh, and as i say all the time, if you have not Called Duncan give their support line a call and walk it thru with them. Oh, and did you only list those choices because that is all a local store has and you can't wait for them to order or what?
i would say my favorite combo, SH-14 Custom 5 and SH-2n Jazz combo.
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