thats my guitar
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I'm very confused, but in my OPINION V guitars are horrible. If you are a metalhead and you want to look bad azz, get it, but thats the only reason.
I've heard bad things about Bensons. Personally I've been put in charge of fixing a benson amp before today, and I got so pissed with it I through it in a skip.
First if its your first guitar your shooting your self in the foot, to begin with because your gonna hate the Floyd Rose Bridge. and the v shape is very hard getting used to I would start off with a Epi, squier. or something like that and not a no name V
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yup, he does play an ibanez
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snazzy advertizing if its your first i agre on the statements on the V i hate em try playing one sitting down. i bet the neck feels like the fat end of a baseball bat.