I've been playing el.guitar for a year and a half and was always tempted to buy a bass and learn from scratch. Would the things I've learned so far help me in any way, and how does it compare to playing a normal guitar (easier to learn, or harder to get used to? )

Thanks in advance
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you can use everything you have learned so far (i recently bought a bass) but there are more things to learn on bass, using your fingers, slapping & popping
As bassplayer you're starting close to where everyone else is.

However, being a guitar player does give you an edge in theory, experience, and feel (Depending on how good you are at guitar).

Best advice you'll get, imo, is to look at bass as a separate instrument and not learn it as if it's an oversized guitar.
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Well I think even playing the bassoon could help you out when learning the bass. I play the 6 string guitar and I wished I played the bass. If you play the bass, it is essential that you are well versed in theory and playing in all genres. You can make a lot of money with a bass and just watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dWb-aCWR8U It must feel so good
I got a little bronco bass so I didn't have to borrow friends guitars. I used to be a classical violinist, so I like all the different textures you can get out a bass, whilst guitar seems a little harder to work with.
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you can use everything you have learned so far (i recently bought a bass) but there are more things to learn on bass, using your fingers, slapping & popping

Not true, if you do that, you play a bass like a guitar, and it just wont work. Forget everything about style you know when it comes to bass. The only think that will help you is the music theory you may or may not know.
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I would apply many different instruments to the bass. Learn trumpet, sax, guitar, cow bell, and anything else you can think of on the bass. Oh and bass is more "classic" than guitar.

Oh finally don't listen to ne thing grifff says please. Grifff I love you but . . . what you said isn't even opinion, its just plain wrong. Thats okay though! I love you man. You are right about applying everything you've learned though.

TS you can apply guitar techniques, but they will all have to be modified. Only certain chord voicing work on bass. its all about avoiding that muddy sound. Sweeping, tapping, chords, and even hendrix solos sounds great on bass
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The only real benefit I can see is that you know basic theory, I hope so anyways, and you already built your fingers so it will be less hard for you to fret. Everything else you have to learn because a bass isn't a bigger guitar, 2 less strings and one octave lower. It's a completely different instrument with a completely different way of thinking.
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Techniques may be similar, but you need to approach them differently. I always say that guitar is a speed instrument whilst bass is a strength instrument. The main thing with bass though is that the mentality you need is very, very different. Don't fall into the trap that a bass is just a bigger guitar, because it really isn't.