So i have a small chip on my 15th fret.

As you can see , the G and B strings can fit in them, which causes a problem when i bend on that string because the strings get stuck in that small chip/gap/w.e. Is there a way that i can fix it myself or do i have to go take it to a professional?
changing to bigger strings won't FIX the problem.
if you don't mind having your frets a lot smaller then you can take it to a pro and have them leveled down. it might cost you a pretty penny though.
if you have to have bigger frets (i do) then you can have a pro put new ones on.
which will be a lot.
if you live in cali or close to a luthier school like Musicians institute you can get a student to do it pretty cheap. and they will probably have a skilled teacher looking over their work. check for guitar building schools online.
but they will still charge you for fret leveling, crown and polish to get the one to match the others. just dont let them charge you for the "set-up", get on line and learn to do them your self. its really easy.