Well I just recently bought an Epiphone Goth LP Studio but I'm having a bit of trouble shredding on it. I'm planning to eventually put some EMG pickups on it, but I'm having the most trouble with the bridge. Can anyone suggest to me the best bridge for shredding(possibly with a tremelo)? And I also want to place a locking nut on it. Also I was wondering if a guitar shop would customize it for me due to the fact I usually always mess things up and cause them not to work properly. Does anyone have any suggestions and a price range of how much this is all gonna cost?
while i don't play shred or know as much as many others, i'll provide more than mullen did. I would think you'd prefer to get an answer to your question, not be told to go practice.

I would probably look at a floyd rose bridge, if you use tremolo in your shredding. a locking nut would be good combined with the floyd rose. I don't know prices, but most local guitar stores with a guitar tech will provide some sort of help. Try guitar center, or your local shop, and just look around for your best options

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The thing is that you'll probably end up paying more than what you paid for the guitar for those upgrades
mkay thanks. It's just that the strings are slightly elevated so it's uncomfortable to do triplies and breakdowns
lower the action? sounds like thats your real problem...

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
If you put a Floyd Rose in you will have to route the top of your guitar. It'd give you tremelo and the capability of doing squeels and divebombs, but it won't enable you to play faster. You can become good at shredding on an LP, but it is more difficult than on a strat or Ibanez or other guitars with thin necks and better upper register fret access.
Perhaps I'm missing something, but what the hell is a 'triplie'?

Tbh, the bridge isn't the problem, it's the radius of the bridge, which is 12". If you put a Floyd Rose on the guitar, you'll need to set it up to have the same radius as the fingerboard, which is also 12", so it'll feel the same as a Tune-O-Matic anyway. Also, changing a regular nut to a locking nut is a LOT of work, and would require a fair amount of shimming on a Les Paul headstock/nut area.

Just buy yourself a 'shred' guitar with a 16" radius fingerboard and a Floyd Rose.

Edit: I hate to say this, but you need more practice. A good guitarist should be able to play well on ANY guitar, assuming that it's set-up right. As long as the action and truss rod adjustment are okay, you should stick with the challenge, because it'll make you a better player in the end.
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I have that guitar, i've been rocking it since i was 14.

that was 4.5 years ago.

use your muscles, it's worth it. it's definitely the most comfortable guitar i've ever played. get the action fixed and you're set.