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I'm trying to make a pretty good rock instrumental CD on a long car ride with some friends next week. I need some help, if anyone can think of any more songs (with no lyrics but awesome guitar,drums, etc) please let me know.

so far i have (no particular order)

cliffs of dover- eric johnson
surfing with the alien- joe satriani
for the love of god- steve vai
frankenstein - edgar winter
yyz- rush
eruption- eddie van halen
jessica- allman brothers
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Instrumedly- Dream Theater
I love my keyboardist, he's hot.

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Dream Theater do some instrumental stuff, can't think of any off the top of my head though. Someone else'll be able to.


Fire and the Fury- Firewind
Pretty much anything by Paul Gilbert/Racer X
never heard of dream theater, but im gonna check it out. yeah metal is fine, i'm trying to get a nice mix of music with no musicians getting any repeats.
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Technical Difficulties-Racer X
Waves-Guthrie Govan
There's Hope- Marco Sfogli (or 'andromeda' if you don't like that song)

If I can remember any more, I'll post.

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Pretty much anything by Paul Gilbert/Racer X

Actually most Racer X stuff has (awesome) vocals and Paul Gilbert only has 2 instrumental albums over his career (with random classical songs as instrumentals on his other albums)
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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Spastic Ink, Collapsar, Canvas Solaris are all fantastic instrumentals.
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bad horsie-vai


Flying in a blue dream.

Speed Metal Symphony - Caphony or w/e that band is.

Crying machine - Steve Vai


Oh ****, almost forgot Maggot Brain by funkadelic.
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Stream of Consciousness - Dream Theater.
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Heretic And Killer, P.M guitar_man_guy or T0xicitY
scarified - Paul Gilbert
angel - Maty friedman
Far beyond the sun - Yngwie Malmsteen

.... pretty much anything ever written by these guitarists. Also, look into Steve Morse, and of course, Santana.
Oh, and I think John 5's stuff is instrumental. Along with Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Michael Angelo Batio... shredders basically.
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Stream of Consciousness - Dream Theater.

I love my keyboardist, he's hot.

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Vinnie Moore
The Maze
The Thinking Machine
April Sky

those are his 3 best songs i think
I'm Alright, Fargo, Forgot To Make Her Mine, all by Neil Zaza.
SRV-Eric Johnson
Little Wing-Hendrix
Friends-Joe Satriani
Blue Sky-Allman Brothers, has a 30 seconds of lyrics and a 3-4 minute solo, so i dont know if that qualifies for you
Binge and Grab, Welcome to Bucketheadland- Buckethead

If you want a more acoustic approach...
Classical Gas-Mason Williams
Rylynn, Africa, Drifting, all by Andy Mckee
Airtap-Eric Mongrein
Canon, Dueling Ninjas- Trace Bundy
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Rush - La Villa Strangiato
Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
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Soothsayer - Buckethead
Eudaimonia Overture - Paul Gilbert
Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd
Either of the Instrumental songs by In Flames on The Jester Race
Rylynn - Andy McKee
Any John 5, but especially Black Widow of La Porte or his cover of Welcome to the Jungle
Oh, and some Antoine Dufour.
Soothsayer by Buckethead. Or pretty much everything by Buckethead. Mostly everything is instrumental except Enter the Coop and a couple other things.
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Liquid Tension Experiment.

It's a sid project by the drummer of Dream Theater. Awesome stuff. Almost all instruments. Like 2 cd's
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Everything by Liquid Tension Experiment. Awesome stuff.

EDIT: Aw damn you. ^
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Orion - Metallica.

More along the lines of metal but you could try.

Haha, I thought that said onion at first.

I haven't listened to metallica for a while.
Ashes of the Wake - Lamb of God
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When Blue Turns To Gold, One Word, and East Side West Side by Mahavishnu Orchestra

Second Journey Inside The Green Glass by Kaipa

Universal Mind, Paradigm Shift, and Acid Rain by Liquid Tension Experiment

Dime by Aghora

Erotomania by Dream Theater

Ner Ner by Guthrie Govan

Glorious Aggressor and Requiem by Galneryus

Voice Of The Soul by Death

The Binaural Beat by Canvas Solaris

Textures by Cynic

Medicine Wheel by Between The Buried and Me

Aleph by Baroness

Isolated Through Multiplicity by Coprofago

Some tracks off of the legendary Sol Niger Within album by Fredrik Thordendal

cant think of any more at the moment

EDIT: I put the xtra epic ones in bold


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steam of consciousness - dream theater
hells kitchen - dream theater
erotomania - dream theater
the crusade - trivium (LOVE IT!)
PSN: Noverion
whitewash - buckethead
lover lay down - john mayer (dave matthews cover)
incubus rocks my world
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No Ytse Jam?

Yeah, Ytse Jam is an awesome, underrated piece.
Riding the Fourth Wave - Catch 22/Streetlight Manifesto
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Europa - Santana

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Into The Lungs Of Hell - Megadeth
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