By messing with some more settings I managed to find out that the problem seems to be the master volume. It doesn't show up as being on at all. The amp in still works, but it was never controlled by the master volume anyways. Also, I can tell things are working correctly otherwise, cause when we talk into the microphone, it shows up on the equalizer and the clip led. Any idea on how to get the master volume working again?
Well it shouldn't be cliping.

Look on the back of your speakers for cut off buttons.

Make sure the gain is up on the strip the the mic is plug into.

make sure the wires and cables are hooked up right
I found behringer gear to break down quickly however when it does work it works fair and is popular for extremely low budget setups.

I know of a studio that uses a lot of Behringer gear and they make some great songs. Sure the quality could be even better but that calls for more money...

the mixer isnt worth fixing IMO, if you can get your hands on a Yamaha mixer they are well worth the price and have great on board preamps.
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Quit making double threads. That will solve your problem.

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The hotbar should be floating parallel to the principle axis at this point. Next, take a hammer, and beat yourself in the face while crying JIHAD. problem fixed.

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Most of the time UG is helpful, but so far most people have just plain been a@@holes about everything. I have multiple Behringer products, and they all work great, actually better than the worthless and overpriced fender amp I used to own. Also, one of my friends, who is a bass player, has had a Behringer bass amp for a good 3 years and he has never had a problem with it yet. It was recommended to him by the good people at Guitar Center, and is probably better than most of the other 65W amps they have (besides the $1000 + ones) So no thanks on saying things that don't involve helping with the problems. Sorry for the double post, rude person, I thought I was just replying, that's why it looks like a reply.