Today I had my first band practice, and had a go on my friends bass. It's a Fender Precision (I think, didn't catch the name) and it's the nicest bass I have ever heard, what's more he has removed the frets, which feels and plays so fluidly. I recently lowered the action on my crappy bass (Fender Squier Bronco) and it feels nicer to play and now I am considering removing the frets. Would anyone recommend it, or if not, why?
Well I removed the frets from my old P-Bass. It's a fairly simple job I just pried the frets out with a flathead screwdriver, filled in the slots with wood filler then coated the fretboard in Epoxy. I will give your bass a different tone so if you want a fretless tone go for it.
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not if its your only bass
i defretted my bass after i got my sting ray and ill tell you im happy i did it but i would not be happy with only a fretless i use it so much less.....

and you should really make sure that you know how to do it and that you repair the neck properly afterwards

if you have another solid bass i say go for it

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Same I defretted my first bass, but I don't use it much. It's really easy to do though. You just need to take your time so you don't chip your fretboard.
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if yo0ur gonna do it do not try to pry from underneath like i did
that is bad for your fretboard chips the hell out of it

take some nice and sharp mini wire cutters and actually grab it from the side of the fret cutting into it a little bit for the grip then slowly rock it back and fourth til it comes out

the guy at the place i took it to said that how i should have done it

when Moses brought down the plagues upon Egypt one of them involved Behringer amps

Dont be so humble, your not that great....
OKAY. I'm going to give you some good advice on defretting your instrument. There are two methods I know of, the steam method and the direct heat method. I'll describe both.

You will need:
An iron (with a steam function)
A pair of pliers, or similar tool to grab the fret.


Get steam going down onto the fretboard. Too much will damage it, not enough won't effect it. What you want to do is apply steam, and give the fret a tug to see if it's starting to move. Once it does, gradually ease it out to avoid splinters forming.

Direct Heating needs a soldering iron. You apply the soldering iron to the fret in small periods of time. This way, the wood around the fret releases oils, which allow the fret to slide out somewhat more smoothly. Again, gradually ease out the fret to avoid damage to the fret slots.
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About the chipping thing, it probably depends on the fretboard.

On my Squire P-Bass, I just used a screwdriver from beneath and there was little to no chipping.
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