Hey everyone,

I've been trying to do work out some good guitar tones for recording a demo with my band. I got some Mesa and ENGL impulses and did a little messing around with doing recordings with a line out going through the impulses whilst micing up the front of the amp aswell.


I reckon there is a little bit too much gain (especially since there is going to be another guitar part there), and if I were to listen to it in a car or something, the first riff would sound like a mush. I'll probably have the bass higher up in the mix though, because I find it adds more articulation to the first riff.

Aside from the playing and the drum programming how should I improve the tone?

Thanks for listening
I liked it, maybe use some EQ to bring it out more, it was a bit hard to hear.

Where did you get the impulses?
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Its pretty good. A little loud in the mix, just slightly.
A bit more reverb will make it sound better. And maybe you could EQ it a bit, put a low pass filter on it and take away some of the low n box frequencies (around 150Hz). Just to make it sit better in the mix.