yesterday I posted a rant about how i can't find anything else than ibanez and gibsons in my country, today just walking around a rich guys area, i found a sop that had godins guitars... searched for them and they have a good image.
The guitar that got my attention was this, the only thing that bothers me is that its not currently on production, does that mean that is was bad quality?
They are selling it for 700, which seems a fair price
No, probably not. If they discontinued because of bad quality, why are MGs still here? Marketing, that's why, but that's not the point!

Try one, it probably will be decent, considering it has good pickups in them.
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what do you plan on playing?
Godin guitars have a warmer tone to them, they're good for playing rhythm guitar
i've wanted a Godin LG HB for a while
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I like playing metal, I would enjoy playing leads, and seeing that the two EMGS are the same, maybe I will have to change one pickup, but that wouldn't be a lot of trouble
I wanted to try it, but the guy was like "omg what the **** use our guitarssss?!?!" I guess he will need to see the cash to let me try them