Is there a product that will save web pages so I can view them offline...

or even if they shut down the website, that I could view them later, videos and text and backgrounds and everything, just like I would be looking at the actual webpage? For instance, somehow to save them as a pdf or something.

Does anybody know any? Sorry if you dont understand me, I'll try to reiterate if you dont.

EDIT: I want to save the whole website, I mean, sorry if i wasn't clear..

i'm looking for custom guitar shops, and so I want to keep the webpages available for later in case the internet isn't working or something.
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Firefox can i think, go to file save pages as webpage complete.
dunno if it works, but worth a try
just save teh webpage,

as Whatley2212 said
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Get Firefox.

Find the page you want saved.

Right click the page and select 'Save Page As...'.

You're done.
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