Hi, I'm currently trying to buy a customised KKV [bc rich kerry king v]
The problem is that it only comes with a gig bag and i need a proper case.
Does anyone know any guitar shops round rainham, kent [may go round but not too far] or in central London that may have good cases. If not, then does anyone know the size of the KKV, the length and depth and width of the fins etc.

P.S I would quite like a coffin/casket case if possible

Thank you very muc for your help
GAK (www.gak.co.uk). I got a Stagg Flying V case and it fits my KKV as well as my Dean V. In Rainham, Kent...do you know Sound & Image/Mid Air Music in Chatham? They do hardcases and gigbags... try Mid Air Music as that is where I got my BC Rich KKV G2 from and they are an authorised BC Rich dealer, so may have some molded cases.