So I'm deciding already for what my next guitar is gonna be. Thinkin about a 12 string, but I'd also like an acoustic-electric 6 string.

So a 12 String i was looking at was this one, just a little cheap one. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/reviews?base_pid=518377&page=1&sc=date&so=desc

as for the acoustic-electric I hav no idea.

Another question, can you plug an acoustic guitar into a regular electric guitar amp, and how would it sound?
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I wouldnt buy a cheap 12 string. Cheap guitars are usually hard to play and not set up right. 12 strings are already hard enough to play.

If you dont use electronics on a regular basis, don't buy them. You're better off buying a removeable soundhole pickup. Also, do not buy an an acoustic guitar with electronics under $400. About $75 of the price goes to electronics, so if you buy a cheap guitar with electronics, you really aren't getting much guitar. In almost all cases, you really get what you pay for, so be aware of that.

You can plug an acoustic-electric into any sort of amp except a bass amp. They should sound ok. Tube amps tend to distort the sound so solid state electric amps are more preferred.
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If you want to go 12 string, don't go cheap. You'll forever reget it.