so today at work, we were in the shop. (its really just a room in the guys basement) and hes got 3 dogs, 2 chesapeake bay retreivers, and some white fluffy dog. so while we were working, we heard them bark. and that usually means someone is pulling up the driveway. so he went up there to see who it was and came back down and said 'they are barking at your truck like they have never seen it there before' and i just though they were on drugs oir something. so a couple minutes later, they didi it again and he went out there to my truck and there was a groundhog under the hood. we poked it with sticks trying to get it out and eventually it tried to come out beside the wheel. unfortunatly, 2 of the dogs were right there. they pulled it out, one had the butt of it, and the other had the head. i didnt take a ful step and the thing exploded in to peices. one dog ran off with one half, and the other, with the other half. blood and guts went everywhere. anyone else have something like this happen? like something getting in your house or dogs gettin something? please, share
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Yeah it happened to a friend of mine when were at this island. But um... the similarities end there.
thats pretty cool i guess.
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Haha, ouch. Those do seem like some vicious dogs.
A group of buddies and I often hang out in this park downtown on our days off and drink, and my friend Vinny always brings his huge boxer, oddly named Kitty (or Kit for short). He is usually a fairly decent dog unless there is an obvious threat, and he barks at little dogs a lot. He is always kept it on an industrial chain, but one day it spotted a rabbit near a tree and ripped the end of the chain right outta my friends hand. The rabbit was disgusting to say the least after he was done with it, some of it even wound up on a frisbee we we're tossing around. Probably looked a lot like the groundhog you saw today.
Well i got some Chihuahuas and one of them totally pounced on a lizard (about the size my middle finger).

Hell yeah...

Fear the LIME

Thanks for scarring me for the rest of my life.
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So what is this "pear", iv heard so much about? people on here keep talking about it and i have no idea what theyre saying,help me with this please!!
my dog came into the house from the garden with a pigeon hanging out its mouth, it also had a wing missing..........
you gonna get raped!!!!!!!