i am sure many of you cruise the ebay guitar and body sales area as much as i do i see so many people taking there $300 guitars apart and selling the pieces for quite a bit more.it almost seems like an illegal chop shop or something.its a shame so many nice guitars are being disassembled then sold to i am sure many people that havent got a clue of what it takes to put an instrument together correctly its not as easy as just slapping a neck on something and call it a guitar.how many have bought what they think will be there dream guitar only to turn into a frustrating nightmare how many great guitars have been ruined by the same people.what has happened to having respect for the instrument sell it for what its worth and keep alive.its just GREED the same reason we have the gas prices that we do.well now i have got myself all worked up let me go crank it up and take out the frustrations on a set of strings.just wanted to see what everyones thoughts are on the matter????
At the end of the day, the company isn't fussed. They produced the guitar, and sold it more than it cost to build.